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1) Converts the performance of RON95 petrol to RON100 petrol and diesel will be like Euro 5.

2) Fuel savings up to 50%.

3) Old engine performance will be like a new engine with continuous usage.

4) Reduces vehicle smoke emission.

5) Makes engine cooler and quieter and air con will cooler too.

6) Engine is easy to start.

7) Increases sprint power (increased car pickup)

8.) 30 years in the market and no damage claim record although there is an Insurance Liability coverage of RM2.5 million by American Insurance company, AIG.

9) Sold and exported from 1991 to countries like China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and Cambodia.

10) Has long been used in the Land and Sea Transport Industry.

11) Engine oil change can be made at a higher mileage. Normal car oil can be changed after 7000km to 10,000 km and instead of 5000km.

12) Proven to extend engine life with continuous usage.

13) German Nano Technology Formula.

14) Tested and approved by many international bodies such as SIRIM, Malaysia, TUV Cert Rheinland, Germany, EURO4 Standard, (EU), NOVO Environmental Tech, Singapore and HUNAN Transport, China.

All the above for a mere RM15 per bottle for 100 liters of petrol/diesel.

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